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“I couldn’t imagine my life without them”

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Lexi Gatte

As an Executive Assistant to Jordan Navybox, Lexi manages a wide array of tasks across various disciplines such as marketing, property-related issues, and client relations which can sometimes feel daunting.

Now, with Wingman’s assistance, Lexi finds seamless coordination and timely completion of tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.

Collaborating with Wingman’s professionals has not only alleviated workload but also provided proactive problem-solving support, leading to a highly productive partnership.


As the Executive Assistant to Managing Director Jordan Navybox at Cohen Handler Queensland, Lexi plays a pivotal role in delivering top-tier administrative support and optimising team efficiency. With her meticulous attention to detail and adept time management, she ensures seamless operations while drawing upon her extensive background in relationship management and contract negotiation to provide invaluable support to the Queensland team.


Lexi relies on Wingman’s remote professionals to efficiently manage diverse tasks spanning marketing, property-related issues, and client relations, streamlining operations and ensuring timely completion. The seamless collaboration and proactive problem-solving support provided by Wingman’s team have significantly enhanced Lexi’s productivity and overall satisfaction, making their partnership invaluable to her daily workflow and business success


With Wingman, Lexi efficiently manages a diverse range of tasks spanning marketing, property-related issues, and client relations, which were previously challenging to handle alone. The seamless collaboration with Wingman’s professionals not only enhances productivity but also provides proactive problem-solving assistance, making it an indispensable resource for achieving organisational goals.



As a key member of the Queensland team, Lexi collaborates with Wingman to optimise her role, which encompasses various functions such as marketing, property management, and client relations. Together with her remote professional, she ensures seamless coordination and timely task completion, enhancing overall efficiency.

“I can’t imagine my life now without them. I think having had all that support and the enthusiasm around those tasks, having someone to take that on board, really own it, and really enjoy that has been fantastic.”

Transitioning from solitary work habits, she now finds value in confiding in her RPs, garnering insights to enhance productivity, and streamline her tasks effectively.

I’ve been able to share a problem that I’ve had and for them to be able to assist in a solution, and often that’s been really helpful. So having that partner to be able to discuss that with has been super, super helpful as well. It has been the most pleasant experience. It’s been super easy, super efficient.”

Furthermore, Lexi values Wingman’s proactive approach, which involves regular check-ins to gauge her satisfaction and provide support to her RPs, ensuring they are equipped to deliver top-notch assistance.

They are overly helpful, always checking in, not from only my side, but also with our remote professional, which I really value because it’s not just about how it’s working for us. It also has to work for our remote professional that they feel valued and that they feel that they’re contributing, and I really find that Wingman are exceptional in doing that with the team. I would love to be able to have a team 20 plus more.”

Up to this day, she continue to be impressed by the exceptional skills and adaptability of Wingman’s RPs, sparking curiosity about additional tasks she can delegate to drive improved outcomes.

I’m always wondering if there’s more tasks that we can assign to remote professionals to help us better achieve our goals.”



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Jeff Constable
Commercial Real Estate Agent

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