Wingman Group

The Wingman Story

From “Virtual Assistants” to “Remote Professionals”.

Wingman exists to provide opportunities for both Australian business owners and talented remote professionals overseas.

One of the most challenging aspects of running any business is scaling in a way that is profitable for the business without having to spend a huge premium on the most talented workers in the space.

Virtual assistants (or VA’s) have risen in popularity over the last decade thanks to the rise of technology and the ease with which you can find someone to complete work at an affordable rate.

At Wingman, we’ve blended affordability with supremely talented, degree-qualified Remote Professionals who can support your business goals regardless of your industry or the position you require.

Companies in sectors like real estate, tradesmen, electricians, plumbers, café and restaurant owners need to take advantage of the low-cost labour market that is driving the Philippines’ outsourcing industry.

Wingman makes it easy for you to work and communicate with your staff in the Philippines. We take the time to learn about your business needs and then make great matches with new team members with great skills.

We support over 250 businesses in Australia. Let’s see what Wingman can do for you!

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