Wingman Group

Australian Leadership Team

jonathan bell

Owner and Director – Jonathan Bell

Jonathan is the Owner and Director of Wingman Group, and personally employs over 50 Remote Professionals within his Property Management and Property Maintenance businesses.

Jonathan has built his Property Management business, Housemark, from 0 managements to over 2500 in 4 years. This explosive growth is largely due to the amazing power harnassed within the Phillipines professional community.

Operations Manager – Jonathan Rostron

Jonathan has over 5 years of experience working with Remote staffing across IT, Insurance, Finance and Recruitment.

With an ability to wear multiple hats and pull many strings, Jonathan runs the day to day of Wingman Group, supporting founder Jonathan Bell in their goal to change the outsourcing industry with a progressive focus on service improvement rather than cost reduction.

If you’re an Australian business owner looking to explore scalable options for your business, Jonathan is your best point of contact.

Head of Growth – Nick Georges

With over 11 year’s experience across residential sales, commercial and residential property management, Nick Georges works with Australian businesses to identify where Remote Professionals can be of value and ensures a smooth transition and implementation of new staff.

Nick’s extensive experience allows him to be of huge value and insight to businesses, particularly in the real estate sector, who are looking to take their operation to the next level.

Customer Success

Our team is here to help ensure your Wingman journey is a successful and profitable one.

Tom Griffin Wingman
Business Development Manager

Tom Griffin

Soham Manwani
Business Development Manager

Soham Manwani

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Client Services Manager

Kathryn Smith

Property Management Specialist

Hope Faulks

Our Team On The Ground

Meet the dedicated Wingman team on the ground actively recruiting and meeting with talented workers suited to your business.

Jenn Navarro
Head of Operations

Jenn Navarro

Head of Training

Krissia Katada

Head of Recruitment

Geoff Navarro 

Admin Assistant

Camille Espanol

Jenn Navarro
Head of Accounts

Justine Navarro

anne bacalla
Sales Assistant

Anne Bacalla

Experience the Power of the Phillipines